Here's some of my projects.

Cargo (opens in a new tab)

Cargo provides a secure and reliable way for users to manage their application installations and configurations, including the ability to work with private repositories.


Project Fungus aims to create a GitOps tool similar to ArgoCD but specifically designed for Terraform infrastructure deployments. The tool will continuously monitor designated repositories for changes in the Terraform code, and upon detecting changes, it will automatically apply those changes to deploy and manage the corresponding infrastructure. This streamlined approach will enhance collaboration, version control, and automated deployment within infrastructure management using GitOps principles.

GitHub Repository (opens in a new tab)


This project involves creating a comprehensive inventory management system in Go, catering to the needs of a small store. It encompasses essential inventory operations, offers optional advanced features, and can be extended to include a user-friendly interface for improved usability.

GitHub Repository (opens in a new tab)